September 19, 2016

Coco Takes Chicago

This time we went to one of my top 5 favorite cities in the world, CHICAGO!!!
I adore Chicago and literally everything in it, everything from the amazing food to the skyline. Anyway lets get going and ill bring you around Chicago with me!

First of course we fly out to Chicago and I took a billion pictures while in the air because I am the most basic girl you will ever meet. So here is one of them.

We actually arrived in the morning, got set at the Hampton Inn Chicago Magnificent Mile Hotel that I would highly recommend if you want to be pretty much close to everything, especially SHOPPING!

We then headed out for an amazing lunch at a restaurant we actually found out about through The Cooking Channel called Kuma’s Corner! We ended up being closest to one of the other restaurants Kuma’sToo! The place on The Cooking Channel was very crammed and packed (at least it seemed that way) but Kuma’s Too we got right into and could really sit down and enjoy a nice lunch! They are known for their insane burgers but obviously I opted for the mac and cheese because, basic and added bacon YAAAAS! Every time I see this photo I just want to go back and eat more of this stuff! It was relish!

We then after a little shopping and just walking the streets decided we were going to head over to Navy Pier! Again I would highly recommend going here but you must go on a nice day! It’s pointless to go if it is raining or crappy out! We took a ride on the ferris wheel thing (its not actually a ferris wheel, its more like the London Eye Chicago style!) We somehow timed this SO PERFECTLY and got to see the sunset over the skyline! And then of course more photo ops and we had to hit up the Snow Dragon Shavery!
Get the shaved ice there and don’t be dumb like me and get a macaroon filled with ice cream! The shaved ice was so much more fun and is more a one-time experience!

Moving on to yes, more food. Our taxi driver told us the best pizza place was actually a block behind our hotel, Gino's East. LET ME ADD YOUR PIZZA WILL TAKE AN HOUR TO COOK! So sit down and order right away and don’t go when you are absolutely starving! You will end up waiting and being hangry! The pizza was good but definitely not my favorite Chicago pizza!

Day two! Yes everything before this all happened in one looooong day! Day two we took it easy, did more shopping and had our exciting night out which included going to The Bean and RPM Italian (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE RESTURANT IN CHICAGO!) The Bean was a large bean, what did you expect? It’s pretty much just fun for photos and getting sweaty if you go in the summer. The sun just beats off of The Bean right onto you and you will get hot very quickly! Plan accordingly unlike I did, I said lets go to The Bean before our fancy dinner! Yay!

Moving onto RPM Italian!! First of all, as we are walking out and I casually go on Instagram I come to find out Giuliana and Bill Rancic HAD TAKE OUT FROM THE RESTURANT AND WE WERE LITERALLY JUST SITTING IN OUR BOOTH! COOL COOL!
But anyway, you need to get the Chanterelle Risotto because it is life changing! That and all of the desserts on the menu! I think my family consisting of four people got five different desserts.

Day Three consisted of food and more food of course. We had Lou Malnati’s for lunch, this is by far some of the best pizza I have ever had and you must go here if you are in Chicago!

Of course following lunch I need dessert because I found a super cute place on Instagram and it ended up being right across the street from Lou’s. It was called Goddess and Grocer and they serve RAINBOW CAKE! It was not only delicious but it made for a bomb Instagram post!

And last but not least, day four, my favorite day of all. I found another place on Instagram (life of a social media obsessed girl) for brunch! It was called The Hampton Social LET ME TELL YOU! This was by far my best find of our trip, not only was brunch delish this place was so Instagramable, see photo below! Literally the best place in Chicago!

That was so much to write but I had to tell all of you lovely people about my AMAZING trip to Chicago! I will see you on Wednesday with another Coco Takes post! Stay tuned!!
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