Coco Takes NYFW

Happy New York Fashion Week! I’m so thankful for all of my amazing followers who are able to make all of my fashionista dreams come true! This year I actually have a job and was only able to get one day off and attend one day but I made the most out of this one-day and tried to spend it the best I could! First stop was to the Betsy Elisa Beauty Bar, which was my favorite NYFW experience… Keep Reading »

Coco Takes Chicago

IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN FOLKS! COCO GOES ON VACATION! This time we went to one of my top 5 favorite cities in the world, CHICAGO!!! I adore Chicago and literally everything in it, everything from the amazing food to the skyline. Anyway lets get going and ill bring you around Chicago with me! First of course we fly out to Chicago and I took a billion pictures while in the air because I am t… Keep Reading »