Save $$$$$$ With Groupon*

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I am going to assume that most of my readers have either read my previous Groupon post or know of Groupon and if you don’t here’s a little background on it. Groupon is a website and an app where you can virtually find a coupon, a discount and a deal for almost anything in your area.

For me of course I spend my time on Groupon in the beauty section, DUH! So I will go to the health, beauty & wellness Groupons and spend my time scrolling through. You will be able to find deals on nail and hair salons, places for eyelash extensions, waxing’s, facials and SO MUCH MORE. And when I say so much more, I actually mean it! With Groupon you are really able to save tons of money on all types of places, items, vacations, and of course they have local deals specific to your area.

I also want to mention if you don’t have the Groupon app I highly recommend you getting it, its completely free and allows you to browse deals on your phone at anytime. So when your wanting a fresh mani pedi I will look up local manicures and find a deal or coupon that fits my needs!

Groupon is by far one of my favorite websites and apps to find deals and steals on and it should be yours too! Also check them out on Facebook & Twitter