July 21, 2016

Dear Jeffree Star: You Should Tell The Truth

 I wanted to share my opinion on this whole Jeffree Star issue because WHY NOT! I’m a beauty blogger, I use makeup products and I am passionate about what I write and I wanted to get a little more personal and share my personal opinion on all this Jeffree Star crap! I want to also add that I have done my research, not only have I read up on stories from the past, I’ve watched YouTube videos from other people and then watched of course Kat’s video and then as I type this I just finished Jeffree’s.

Firstly I can’t even imagine how much will power it took from Jeffree to sit down and create this video, he isn’t raising his voice and is keeping things calm, which I can respect. But what I cannot respect is the words that are coming out of his mouth. Multiple times he has mentioned respecting people and from what I have seen and heard he doesn’t do that a lot with the way he lives his life. If someone brushes up against me do I get a little pissed yeah sure, but do I swat him or her away? HELL NO! So in my opinion I would keep the word “respect” out of things. Here is a video of him swatting someone away at an unknown event.
This is also just one specific time where he is seen on camera not respecting people.

I think this video is not addressing the correct things and I truly do hope he comes out with another one in the future regarding his bullying, non-respectful words and actions and just some other stuff he has done in the past. I do think these are more important things to address rather then just commenting on every single thing that Kat had mentioned in here video.

Previous to all of these viral videos on Jeffree I could honestly say I didn’t know about many of these things, I saw his products all over Instagram and watched his YouTube videos and nothing else. When Kat posted her video I was reading more into some things and some people recommended I watch Stephanie Nicole’s video. That is where I found out most of my information along with going through all of her links and doing some more in depth research. Yes, his Snapchat’s and Tweets, some articles and videos of him do show his true colors and I really honestly think this whole Kat & Jeffree issue is a public friendship fight. Friendships end every single day and the fact that they both are extremely public figures and decided to make this public is bringing up some old and unresolved issues.

I do not think anything he addressed in this video was a problem to me just like what Kat addressed in her video was not a problem to me. Bigger things need to be addressed because until they are me and quite a lot of other people will no longer be buying from Jeffree Star Cosmetics or supporting him on social media. He has way bigger issues then just a little friendship feud with an old friend of his. 

I have also provided links to all the videos I mentioned and hope you enjoy this type of post from me! I also have something VERY exciting happening soon and you need to follow me on Snapchat to get involved!! Here is my Snapcode so add me and stay tuned! 
See you soon beauties and let me know in the comments your take on all of this! 

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