LinziClip Review AND GIVEAWAY!*

What they say: The Linziclip® is a revolutionary new hair clip which thanks to its patented advanced gripping mechanism and two spring device, camouflages the inner workings of the old style claw clip whilst gripping the hair better than ever before. And the springs are hidden.

First of all LinziClip sent me a ton of hair clips to review and they also want to do a giveaway!! So keep reading until the end of this post to find out more information! These clips are totally the clips of the future. Personally I always wear clips in my hair but they are always the cheap plastic ones you get at the beauty supply store and they just look cheap and my mom is always asking me Nickki don’t you have other clips that are dressier and my answer is always no. Well now I do! These clips come in SO many colors, designs, styles and sizes that your options are basically endless. They even have clips based on your hair type, which amazes me! Not only do they take the look of a simple clip to the next level they hold your hair in place better too! If you have any type of hair and ever consider wearing a clip, you need to try these clips out they are winners in my book! 

Check out LinziClip's website HERE!
And find out where you can by LinziClip's HERE!