Groupon Coupons*

This is a sponsored post and contains sponsored links. 
Being the couponing freak that I am I have officially met my perfect match! GROUPON! I’m assuming most of you have heard of Groupon before and know that it is basically the holy grail of coupons and deals.

If you haven’t, Groupon is a deal of the day recommendation website/service that adds new coupons every twenty-four hours for locations near you. You will mostly find deals for restaurants and stores near you and if you like what they have to offer you can buy the coupon.

They also have free coupons in their database which you use like right now Macy’s is offering tons of coupons and promo codes FOR FREE! For Macy’s they have codes for 15% off your next purchase and even an extra 20% off spring savings code. If you’re a Macy’s shopper like I am you know those coupons come in handy!

Groupon seriously has so much to offer. Besides all of the free and paid coupons they also have a travel section! Yes, travel coupons! And from my travel experience they really do have deals you cannot pass up.

So basically to sum this entire post up, if your not a Groupon member you need to be, you can sign up HERE! If you want to be signed up for one coupon database its 100% this one and of course follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates!