March 29, 2016

Expo West || Follow Me Around

Firstly I have to say WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! 
If you didn’t know already I was able to attend Expo West this year as press because of my blog and Instagram! Here’s a little background information, Expo West is a trade show that has takes place every year and it showcases all things natural and organic in California! Anyway, I went this year for my first time ever and wanted to share my experience with all of you so lets get into it!

Day 1: 
So I walked in with my dad who has gone several times before for his job and boy was I overwhelmed! I honestly had no idea what to expect because besides NYFW I have never attended an event for my blog before. Some of the booths we visited on the first day were Solgar, Kind Bar, MetRX, Balance Bar, Tiesta Tea, Pipcorn, Cookie Pop, Lily of the Desert, Health Warrior, Sparoom and Honeybee Gardens just to name a few! Being an Expo West first timer I can say I had such an amazing first day and really got to meet and interact with some amazing people! Just in the first day I got more followers on social media and more future opportunities for my blog, which was absolutely AMAZING! PS some of the brands listed above will be featured on my blog in the coming weeks so watch out! I got tons of samples; my feet were killing me since I walked a total of 5 miles in just a matter of a few hours. AKA walking anything over a few thousand steps is out of the ordinary for me! The hours went by so quickly and before you knew it I needed to get back to the hotel, put my feet up and prepare for day two!

Day 2: 
On the second day of festivities I knew exactly what to expect, what to wear and where to go! With my dad again we hit up the floor in our hotel that also had booths and took a little while to search around and then we would officially head off to the big show. In the hotel I found one booth that literally I DIED over! They were giving out fresh coconuts to everyone who wanted one so of course I went right over and got myself a coconut, which was DELISH! We finally get over to the show at the convention center and visit Boxed Water is Better, The Piping Gourmet, Wild Things Skinny Dipped Almonds, KOA, UVO, EO, Three Twins, BLK Water and again so many more! And like I said before some of the brands I visited on day two will be featured on Keeping Up With Coco very soon! I also had a super embarrassing moment that shouldn’t have happened but did!

Well you know the Three Twins ice cream guy? 
He’s on Survivor, a show I watch weekly with my family and I asked for a picture, and, well funny story. I had no idea he was on the show and knew him from the Expo West hashtag on Instagram, saw people taking pictures with him which I assumed were because of his pants, LITTLE DID I KNOW HES ON SURVIVOR THIS SEASON AND WAS FORMERLY ON THE BRAIN TRIBE! One of my dad’s friends was like he’s on that TV show right? I was like how can this be happening to me, I’m the biggest pop culture nerd and didn’t know I was taking a picture with someone on TV and not to mention I watch this show every freaking week! My dads friend ended up asking him and he was like yeah, I assumed that’s why you were taking a picture with me and here I sit like nah I just liked your pants dude! SO EMBARASSING! And that’s basically how my day two ended!

In conclusion to all of that craziness here are some of the pictures I took that I wanted to share with all of you and I also wanted to thank each and every reader I have for making this possible for me! SO THANK YOU!!

I also wanted to mention that because I have so many posts to write this month ill be posting every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday! Be sure to follow my Twitter, Bloglovin and Instagram so you can keep up with Coco! Its going to be an awesome month for my blog so get ready, get excited and ill see you back here on Friday at 12 PM EST!

Hi Dad 

Ohso Chocolate which is kind of AMAZING! Especially the raspberry flavor! 

He's famous, he plays football, and I like tall football players. :)

Shameless Snapchat promo! Add me! "kuwcoco" 

Here is the infamous Three Twins ice cream picture! 

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