Diving into South Florida || Two Seventy

This week I am collaborating with Two Seventy the online magazine based out of Florida Atlantic University! I did a write up all about New York City for Two Seventy and I got the pleasure of having them write a South Florida post for me, which makes me miss the sun and the sand even more then before! Hope you enjoy this amazing post they have written for all of you! Don’t forget to come back over here on Sunday for my huge surprise I have been waiting for months to announce!

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Post and photography by: Mohammed F. Emran, Alexis Paige and Emily Creighton. 

South Florida –– the home of the rich and… the richer. With streets lined with palm trees, parking lots filled with Maserati’s and Bentleys and islands populated with multi-million dollar mansions, SoFla is a place of dreams and the seemingly unattainable. However, getting a taste of that upscale lifestyle isn’t.

As an online lifestyle magazine, Two Seventy, covers the fashion, health and beauty, food and culture of South Florida through the eyes of college students. We’ve compiled a list of the must-have experiences when spending time anywhere from Palm Beach to Miami.

For coffee...

Try the Seed. You won’t regret it. With specialty, slow bar coffee options to deliciously creamy matcha, there’s something for everyone. Plus, they offer yummy snacks and pastries. If you can’t make the Seed, hit up these Insta-worthy joints.

For juice…

Raw Juice is a must. Within two sips, you’ll be feeling like a Tumblr girl.

To eat…

Hit up a Food TruckInvasion for anything and everything from fresh doughnut holes to the best BBQ ever! They host the festivals in different cities throughout the week.

To party…
SoFla is no stranger to the LGBTQA scene, and honestly, they know how to party. At The Manor, all ages are welcome and everyone is super nice. Sit upstairs and hang out with friends, or dance the night away after a couple drinks. You can also hit up South Beach in Miami or Clematis Street in West Palm Beach for more club options.
To tan…

Deerfield beach is awesome when hitting the sand isn’t your only goal. Have the entire crew get a little rowdy on the left side of the pier, or chill and relax on the right side. It’s not “the law,” but there is an unspoken agreement amongst the visitors.
When you’re done catching rays, walk the pier or hit up one of the several restaurants that line the beach.

To shop…

Pinch your pennies before visiting SoFla; you’ll want to be able to treat yo’self at one or two of the upscale shopping areas here. In West Palm, try CityPlace. A quick drive away is Palm Beach’s Worth Avenue, one of the most luxurious shopping districts in America. Even if you don’t buy, the window shopping doesn’t disappoint.

To take the perfect Insta…
Snap the cutest pics at Pineapple Grove located right off of Atlantic Avenue (where there’s more great shopping) in Delray. The art district offers colorfully playful backgrounds featuring cute pineapples that’ll be sure to brighten up your selfie. If you’re traveling a little further south, visit Wynwood – Miami’s art district – for some killer street art.

Have you been to SoFla? What did you LOVE!?