Triana Miami Review*

I received Triana Miami’s Vitamin C+ Cream and Blended Seaweed and Rose Hip Cleanser to try out for you guys and let you know what I thought so here we go!

What they say: our skincare line has a few simple rules.  We use naturally derived ingredients that are tried and true and processed as little as possible to remain rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.  Alpha hydroxys, peptides, squalane, seaweed extract, vitamins and arnica have been proven to reduce fine lines and inflammation, leaving skin looking healthy, youthful and radiant. They also do not test on animals.

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I actually only got this a few days ago but I’m thinking of trying out the Vitamin C+ cream on my stretch marks so I will for sure keep you updated on that part but I have to start out by saying both of these products and I assume the rest of the line seem like very high end spa products to me which I love! All of the products are extremely affordable but really give you spa quality. But now onto the products!
The Vitamin C+ Cream I feel like is the perfect everyday moisturizer, not only does it moisturize it also helps repair damaged skin, improves texture, firms and tones skin. It’s like an all in one product and seriously when you get that many benefits you cant go wrong. It also smells so light and fresh and isn’t overwhelming which is one of my biggest things when it comes to face products so this and the cleanser are perfect for me!
The Blended Seaweed and Rose Hip Cleanser is the perfect everyday cleanser! I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a high quality cleanser at an amazing price. My favorite thing about this was that you could actually feel it working; you know its getting sudsy and actually cleaning your skin where some cleansers aren’t like that. This is just the perfect everyday cleanser and that’s all I can say, its just perfect!

I would highly recommend both of these products for everyone! Every skin type, every age, basically just everyone and for my #USbloggers you have the chance to win both of these products tonight at the chat! DON’T FORGET!

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