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Ever since my blog redesign I have had tons of questions as to whether I was still on Blogger or if I changed over to something else so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to write why I am still Blogger and why I love it.

Lets just start this off by saying, started from the bottom now I’m here. I started out with the simple basic blogger template, basic settings and nothing super fancy and look where I have come. Not only does design tremendously help your blog but I have found it’s gotten me motivated to improve my writing and photography to go along with my beautiful design. Myself and many other bloggers are firm believers in the fact that if you are starting a blog why would you not consider Blogger? Is it because Wordpress or other platforms are more popular? Do you think other platforms have more to offer? In my opinion I could not be more pleased with not only Blogger overall, all of the Google tools to help you manage your blog, and the amazing customization factor. I have now been blogging on Blogger for over two years and have never once had a single issue with ANYTHING! I also got some of my Blogger bloggy friends to comment on why they love Blogger and just some overall thoughts they have so here they are!

"With Blogger, all income I make stays in my pocket!" - Kathe

"On Blogger I don't have to worry about my site being down or updates messing up my site." - Hilda of

"As a designer I like that I can have more control over the coding and customizing than installing plugins to do the work for me. I enjoy the nitty gritty and satisfaction of action and result of working directly with the code." - Rebekah

"I like that I am not nickeled and dimed for everything, I have more control and there is less that can go wrong so my site is reliably available to readers." - Melissa of

"Plugin's crash. I work for a marketing company and we have a girl that manages websites for our clients. I see more issues arise with updates and changes. Luckily, she is smart about it and SHE IS getting paid, to stay up to date. These constant updates and changes are hard to keep up with for a busy person like myself." - Barbie

"I'm cheap and terrible at coding. I'm also a control freak and extremely impatient. All that adds up to needing a platform I can tweak at will myself." - Lisa

"Blogger means I have more time for actual blogging since I spend less time arguing with my host, updating plugins and I know my readers won't get any downtime. It also means I make a much higher profit." - Kristy of ‪

"It was free and easy...sorta like me" - Kirby

"Blogger allows me to focus on my readers and what they want to learn, instead of on the technicalities of maintenance of a blog. Blogger lets me be free to write." - Kristy of

"Someone offered me a year's free hosting if I switched. I gave it serious thought - *would* I switch if it were free? I ended up saying that it wasn't worth it. I have zero downtime, never even have to think about hackers because the smartest people in the world handle my security, everything integrates seamlessly with all the other Google apps, I've never once had to "update my plugins" or have one crash and destroy my site, and I would just love to have so much traffic that I crash Google's servers. Blogging is easy and I just have to worry about writing my best content. Best hosting in the world, and the fact that it's free is a bonus. I'd pay to use Blogger, if it came to that." - Marie

These are just a few comments I have received from friends who use Blogger. Not only have I met an amazing community of bloggers on Blogger I have never once faced an issue, I have managed to start off my blog very simple and work hard to get it to where it is today and I could not be happier! If you ever consider starting a blog I would put Blogger on your list of platforms to check out for sure, I am also more then happy to help any friends who are just starting out and need help! And one more thing, PEACE LOVE BLOGGER!

PS I have a very exciting Twitter chat and matching blog post happening both on Tuesday, so be sure to be following me on Twitter and check back here on Tuesday for my blog post! See you then beauties!