This Week in Television

I’m thinking of making this a new weekly series on Keeping Up With Coco! I would be reviewing TV shows that I watched that week and basically give you my fully uncensored opinions! I am absolutely a TV show junkie and watch TV quite a lot, some may consider my TV watching to be quite extreme but lets just say I’m doing this for my lovely readers, (yeah lets go with that). You can also consider this my written audition for The People’s Couch, New York edition! So lets get right into it and start with Sunday!

The Real Housewives of Potomac; let me just say those are some CRAZY bitches and I absolutely cannot wait to watch how the season unfolds. I already know that I like Robyn for sure but anything can change in the world of The Real Housewives! She seems the most normal, not snobby, down to earth in my opinion, but again I could be wrong. The other thing I need to address is the snobbiness of some of these women. I have never even heard of Potomac until they started running commercials for the season, for ladies in a no name town boy do they have high standards. I don't even consider Beverly Hills to be this snobby.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians; basically I love them, if your a longtime reader you know this, my blog name is basically after them, and I want Kris Jenner to adopt me. They can basically never do wrong in my eyes and I want Kylie Jenner’s house minus the guac stain on her wall.

The Bachelor; from the first episode my favorites have been Lauren B, Caila, Jojo, Amanda, Becca and Jennifer and I’m sticking with them! I can’t handle Oliva and she 100% needs to go NOW. She pisses me off that I feel like she is actually offending me personally. I am also dying to know how bad her breath, toes and cankles are and am praying I’m not the only one thinking this. I know for a fact she is going to dig her own grave and we will not be seeing her continue on for very long.

The Fosters; ITS BACK BABY! Oh how I've missed The Fosters! I still cannot get over the whole Jesus thing no matter how long the show goes on with this new guy I just CANT. Jesus needs to be Jake T Austin! I’ve also always wondered what is this show based on, is it completely made up? Because for the entire time the show has been on this poor family just cant catch a break. Between Jesus, Jude, oh Jude I just love you, Callie who now this bitch is going after just everything! No good news has come to their lives in a long time.

Teen Mom; so to sum things up, I hate Farrah. They would show the beautiful Catelynn and Tyler wedding and then go to her and her mom arguing in front of Sophia. I am taking some wise words from Dr. Phil right now and just saying that adult issues need to be handled by adults and children shouldn’t be brought into them. Farrah is making Sophia so upset the kid ends up with her fingers in her ears or tears running down her face. She constantly gets Sophia in the middle of everything, which I cannot stand. Other then that THE WEDDING was so beautiful I cried all of the tears especially when Tyler read his vows oh my lord, I was dying.

Dance Moms; I CANT WITH THE MINI's. If you watched you know what I'm talking about! I was absolutely THRILLED for Nia when Seventeen Magazine picked her and Kendall to be in a spread! That poor girl goes through the ringer with Abby and it’s so nice to see her doing something great. DM is always exciting but I think it’s about the dancing which is something I can’t really comment on!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; please someone invite me to a Beverly Hills barbecue if that’s what a barbecue is considered in BH! Velvet chairs, servers, chefs like hello Kyle, I would really like an invite next time! Another thing I have to say something about is Yolanda. I also have Lyme Disease, it’s awful I know first hand how awful it really is but I truly believe she has more then just Lyme. Not for a second do I doubt she is sick and in pain and living in her bed but I do question some things! If you guys want a separate Lyme Disease post please let me know and id be happy to share a little bit of my experience!!

Pretty Little Liars; ALISON TOTALLY KILLED HER SISTER! I believe 100% that Alison killed Charlotte because lets be real, she wanted all of her friends to come back to Rosewood to get Charlotte out and then she’s keeping them there by having the police constantly question them. Does she just want to take over the game from the sister that she always wanted, is she trying to frame someone to make everyone’s lives miserable? Obviously girls got motive.

Kocktails With Khloe; last week I watched, both my mom and I weren’t too impressed but I love Khloe so I had to stick around to see what week two would bring. AND IT BROUGHT JENNA MARBLES AND LORD DISICK! So of course I watched and loved every single second. I just think it’s somewhat awkward and strange to have a talk show set up like this but girl you do you!

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines; Banana’s has been my favorite challenge competitor for as long as I can remember and I was totally pushing for him this week but little miss Cara who “sucks” at puzzles won herself to Germany by doing a puzzle! I am more excited for next week to see Jenna compete she is the highlight of the entire show for me and I would be absolutely thrilled if she won!

Should I make another post Sunday with Thursday, Friday & Saturday? Let me know in the comments! And let me know what you think of this all together!