Snowed In?

I’m currently sitting in snow that has been falling for officially 24 full hours, wanting to write a blog post so why not write a post about what you can do when your snowed in!

1. Netflix (more importantly binge watching Making A Murderer)
2. Family Feud marathons
3. Binge watching literally anything with 10+ episodes On Demand
4. Movies, movies and more movies
6. Try out a new recipe
7. Try out random Pinterest things
8. Endlessly scroll through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest
9. Paint your nails
10. Clean out your closet
11. Clean out some drawers
12. Make snow slushies (I had a coke one with dinner, DELICIOUS!)
13. Play board games
14. Take artsy snow pictures to post on your social media (GULITY)
15. Watch vlogs on Youtube (AKA 30 episodes of SacconeJolys & ItsJudysLife)
16. Watch makeup tutorials on Youtube and play with your makeup like your 10 years old
17. See if someone in your household will let you do their makeup, because WHY NOT
18. If you’re a blogger, write up some future posts
19. Take a nice long hot bath with a bath bomb
20. Pamper yourself
21. And last but not least, have a relaxing day!

So here’s a list of some random things to do whether you’re stuck inside from Super Storm Jonas or a future snowstorm! Anyone else stuck inside with 25+ inches of snow bored out of their minds like me? Hope this list even helps one person to not be as bored as I was today!! 
Good luck & stay safe beauties!