January 10, 2016

Coco's 2016 Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap

WELCOME TO COCO'S 2016 RED CARPET RECAP! I watched the E! Red Carpet to give you all of the exciting highlights! Enjoy & comment who you think is best dressed! 

Giuliana Rancic looking beautiful as always in an Alex Perry coral gown, I do love this but HOW DOES SHE MOVE HER ARMS! She seems like she can’t move! 

Gina Rodriguez is stunning in a Zac Posen blue gown WITH POCKETS! Anything on the red carpet with pockets is a win in my book! And she’s also giving me some Princess Belle realness!

Jaimie Alexander absolutely stuns in a low cut Genny emerald green gown. She won my best dressed at the Emmy’s so no wrong can be done in my eyes!

Ross Mathews and Zuri Hall recreate the iconic Titanic scene and obviously Ross is Rose.

Sophia Bush looks perfectly elegant in a beautifully tailored Narciso Rodriguez simple black gown.

Wiz Khalifa is basically personality-less and awkward when being interviewed. But congrats on your nomination!

Uzo Aduba in what seems to be one of tonight’s trends, black absolutely looking gorgeous!

Bryce Dallas Howard is attending her first Golden Globes in a dress she picked up from Neiman Marcus a few days ago! CRAZY! I have do admit she is giving me mermaid realness!

Laverne Cox is hands down one of the best speakers that has been on the carpet tonight, so poised and perfect and uhm hello her Elizabeth Kennedy dress is CRAZY GOOD!

Brie Larson looks so perfectly polished I cant even with her dress, jewelry, hair and makeup, SO GOOD!

Jason Sudeikis is wearing double-knotted sneakers.

JLo isn’t serving her usual sexy, she’s wearing a “mustard marigold” covered up gown, which is SHOCKING!

Jamie Lee Curtis and her daughter are both rocking GREY HAIR!!

Charlie Puth & Giuliana had the longest most awkward handshake in red carpet history! Also if your wondering, he always gets ID’d when he wants a drink.

Amy Schumer is surprisingly underwhelming me! She looks beautiful but I don’t find it to be a super wow moment! BUT IT HAS POCKETS!

Melissa McCarthy is just perfect and beautiful. I don’t love what she’s wearing but her humor just wins me back over!

THE STALLONE’S CAME AS A FAMILY! All the women looked absolutely beautiful!

OMG THE TATUMS, I CANNOT GET OVER HOW ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL JENNA LOOKS! Not to mention they are one of Hollywood’s hottest couples. And of course they brought up the Lip Sync Battle, which they both killed!

Taraji P Henson always looks beautiful, cant say anything amazing or bad about her gown, but HER BAG! Someone find out what bag she has and buy it for me!

The Rock is GIGANTIC and killing it in a maroon velvet suit with matching velvet shoes! Kate Hudson came in while The Rock was being interviewed and she is wearing Michael Kors! Not to mention her dress and choker match.

I am obsessed with Katy Perry’s dress but absolutely HATE her hair! It takes me back to the Snooki bump-it days! AS IM WRITING THIS SHE ADMITTED SHE HAD A BUMP IT IN!

JENNIFER LAWRENCE TALKING ABOUT MY GIRL JOY MANGANO! Joy actually lives very close to me on Long Island so I always have to support! She looks absolutely STUNNING as per usual in a beautiful red gown!

LADY GAGA WINS ALL. I have never seen a better look from her she is looking so sophisticated and elegant and just overall PERFECT in her off the shoulder black gown.

My 2016 Golden Globes best dressed awards goes to, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Jennifer Lawrence and Lady Gaga!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos. 
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