January 29, 2016

This Week in Television

I’m thinking of making this a new weekly series on Keeping Up With Coco! I would be reviewing TV shows that I watched that week and basically give you my fully uncensored opinions! I am absolutely a TV show junkie and watch TV quite a lot, some may consider my TV watching to be quite extreme but lets just say I’m doing this for my lovely readers, (yeah lets go with that). You can also consider this my written audition for The People’s Couch, New York edition! So lets get right into it and start with Sunday!

The Real Housewives of Potomac; let me just say those are some CRAZY bitches and I absolutely cannot wait to watch how the season unfolds. I already know that I like Robyn for sure but anything can change in the world of The Real Housewives! She seems the most normal, not snobby, down to earth in my opinion, but again I could be wrong. The other thing I need to address is the snobbiness of some of these women. I have never even heard of Potomac until they started running commercials for the season, for ladies in a no name town boy do they have high standards. I don't even consider Beverly Hills to be this snobby.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians; basically I love them, if your a longtime reader you know this, my blog name is basically after them, and I want Kris Jenner to adopt me. They can basically never do wrong in my eyes and I want Kylie Jenner’s house minus the guac stain on her wall.

The Bachelor; from the first episode my favorites have been Lauren B, Caila, Jojo, Amanda, Becca and Jennifer and I’m sticking with them! I can’t handle Oliva and she 100% needs to go NOW. She pisses me off that I feel like she is actually offending me personally. I am also dying to know how bad her breath, toes and cankles are and am praying I’m not the only one thinking this. I know for a fact she is going to dig her own grave and we will not be seeing her continue on for very long.

The Fosters; ITS BACK BABY! Oh how I've missed The Fosters! I still cannot get over the whole Jesus thing no matter how long the show goes on with this new guy I just CANT. Jesus needs to be Jake T Austin! I’ve also always wondered what is this show based on, is it completely made up? Because for the entire time the show has been on this poor family just cant catch a break. Between Jesus, Jude, oh Jude I just love you, Callie who now this bitch is going after just everything! No good news has come to their lives in a long time.

Teen Mom; so to sum things up, I hate Farrah. They would show the beautiful Catelynn and Tyler wedding and then go to her and her mom arguing in front of Sophia. I am taking some wise words from Dr. Phil right now and just saying that adult issues need to be handled by adults and children shouldn’t be brought into them. Farrah is making Sophia so upset the kid ends up with her fingers in her ears or tears running down her face. She constantly gets Sophia in the middle of everything, which I cannot stand. Other then that THE WEDDING was so beautiful I cried all of the tears especially when Tyler read his vows oh my lord, I was dying.

Dance Moms; I CANT WITH THE MINI's. If you watched you know what I'm talking about! I was absolutely THRILLED for Nia when Seventeen Magazine picked her and Kendall to be in a spread! That poor girl goes through the ringer with Abby and it’s so nice to see her doing something great. DM is always exciting but I think it’s about the dancing which is something I can’t really comment on!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; please someone invite me to a Beverly Hills barbecue if that’s what a barbecue is considered in BH! Velvet chairs, servers, chefs like hello Kyle, I would really like an invite next time! Another thing I have to say something about is Yolanda. I also have Lyme Disease, it’s awful I know first hand how awful it really is but I truly believe she has more then just Lyme. Not for a second do I doubt she is sick and in pain and living in her bed but I do question some things! If you guys want a separate Lyme Disease post please let me know and id be happy to share a little bit of my experience!!

Pretty Little Liars; ALISON TOTALLY KILLED HER SISTER! I believe 100% that Alison killed Charlotte because lets be real, she wanted all of her friends to come back to Rosewood to get Charlotte out and then she’s keeping them there by having the police constantly question them. Does she just want to take over the game from the sister that she always wanted, is she trying to frame someone to make everyone’s lives miserable? Obviously girls got motive.

Kocktails With Khloe; last week I watched, both my mom and I weren’t too impressed but I love Khloe so I had to stick around to see what week two would bring. AND IT BROUGHT JENNA MARBLES AND LORD DISICK! So of course I watched and loved every single second. I just think it’s somewhat awkward and strange to have a talk show set up like this but girl you do you!

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines; Banana’s has been my favorite challenge competitor for as long as I can remember and I was totally pushing for him this week but little miss Cara who “sucks” at puzzles won herself to Germany by doing a puzzle! I am more excited for next week to see Jenna compete she is the highlight of the entire show for me and I would be absolutely thrilled if she won!

Should I make another post Sunday with Thursday, Friday & Saturday? Let me know in the comments! And let me know what you think of this all together! 

January 26, 2016

2016 Beauty Wish List

Since were already one month into 2016 I thought I would share some items that are on my 2016 beauty wish list! This also gives me an excuse to browse Sephora, Ulta and more makeup websites without actually spending money, and lets be real that’s the best kind of shopping. So lets get started! Here is my 2016 beauty wish list!

What are some things on your 2016 beauty wish list? Let me know down below! 

January 24, 2016

Snowed In?

I’m currently sitting in snow that has been falling for officially 24 full hours, wanting to write a blog post so why not write a post about what you can do when your snowed in!

1. Netflix (more importantly binge watching Making A Murderer)
2. Family Feud marathons
3. Binge watching literally anything with 10+ episodes On Demand
4. Movies, movies and more movies
6. Try out a new recipe
7. Try out random Pinterest things
8. Endlessly scroll through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest
9. Paint your nails
10. Clean out your closet
11. Clean out some drawers
12. Make snow slushies (I had a coke one with dinner, DELICIOUS!)
13. Play board games
14. Take artsy snow pictures to post on your social media (GULITY)
15. Watch vlogs on Youtube (AKA 30 episodes of SacconeJolys & ItsJudysLife)
16. Watch makeup tutorials on Youtube and play with your makeup like your 10 years old
17. See if someone in your household will let you do their makeup, because WHY NOT
18. If you’re a blogger, write up some future posts
19. Take a nice long hot bath with a bath bomb
20. Pamper yourself
21. And last but not least, have a relaxing day!

So here’s a list of some random things to do whether you’re stuck inside from Super Storm Jonas or a future snowstorm! Anyone else stuck inside with 25+ inches of snow bored out of their minds like me? Hope this list even helps one person to not be as bored as I was today!! 
Good luck & stay safe beauties!

January 19, 2016

Irresistible Me Review*

What they say: Hair extensions enhance your looks with longer and fuller hair. A great way to change your look. Hair extensions are a great solution for hair-thinning problems. By adding REAL hair to your own, you can have the fullness that you've been searching for. Clip in extensions are very simple and easy to wear. You can put them on or take them off yourself without costly salon appointments. Also, unlike other extensions, they do not damage the hair a single bit, which is our main concern.

I’ve always wanted to try out clip in extensions and let me tell you, whether your a first time extension trier or are looking into new extensions you must go with Irresistible Me. I don't have another brand or anything to compare them to but what I can say is that they are amazing quality and you get so much for the price. I have naturally extremely thick hair so when I was trying them on they added an unreal amount thickness but very minimal length just due to the fact I didn't want to go super long. If you want to add volume and thickness to your hair or even length, you must check these out. If you are buying through them I highly recommend you watch the color video they have on their Youtube page, I was able to match my extensions PERFECTLY to my hair color, my mom couldn’t even tell which was my hair and which was the extension. The clips are absolutely amazing as well, I first tried them on freshly washed and straightened hair and they stayed perfect and didn’t even budge AT ALL. I also watched Melissa Autry's video before hand to see how it was done, and it really helped! I was able to have an understanding of where they should go and what you should do with them, which really helped me as such a newbie. These extensions are overall AMAZING and if you’re in the market for new or wanting to try extensions for the first time, Irresistible Me is 100% the way to go. They are just perfect in every way and I am so pleased that if I ever want a new pair or change my hair color ill be ordering these again for sure.

And find Irresistible Me on


January 15, 2016

Making A Murderer

I’m never one to talk legal things on my blog or anything like this but I just couldn't help myself with this one. I’m officially finished watching the Netflix Docu-Series Making A Murderer and I have to say in completely obsessed. And I may have stayed up until 2:30 AM (DON’T TELL MY MOM!) to finish it. 
I have watched about 10+ hours worth of footage and am seeing how flawed some of the systems are and am in complete shock. I’m not going to say anymore in case someone is behind me or planning to watch but ITS GOOD. 
It shows you the real lives behind court cases, specifically the Steven Avery/Brendan Dassey ones but I'm sure other people can say they have faced similar experiences with the court systems. 
I literally sat in my room watching the last episode and I actually cried, one of Steven's family members was saying that if things happened like they did last time for him, he would want his mom and dad there for it. And I just realized, damn, Steven's parents could both pass away knowing/thinking that their son is innocent and sitting and rotting in a jail cell. And its like that’s when it hit me, no matter if he is actually guilty or innocent people in prison could have loved ones pass and not even get to say goodbye. For me that’s when it got even realer then it was before, because yes both Steven and Brendan are in jail, most likely not getting out for a questionable crime and then on top of that to have a loved one die. It absolutely opened my eyes just a little bit more when that was said. 
Anyway, its an absolute much watch for anyone who is even slightly interested in these types of things and even if your not its extremely informative. I cant say enough about this series all I can say is you need to make 10 hours of time to sit down and watch this! It’s been everywhere lately and it’s nice to know what’s happening in the world and what’s the real story behind some news stories. My warning is, once you start you cant and wont stop so BEWARE!

Have you watched? What are your thoughts?

Xoxo Binge Netflixer, Nickki

PS! My new posting days will be Sunday, Tuesday & Friday! Some weeks I will have new posts every one of those days, some I won't. So my best recommendation to Keep Up With Coco would be to follow me on Twitter because I always post when something new goes live! 
Also how do you like this picture? Do you think I should use it for all my posts with a changed title?
Let me know!!  

January 10, 2016

Coco's 2016 Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap

WELCOME TO COCO'S 2016 RED CARPET RECAP! I watched the E! Red Carpet to give you all of the exciting highlights! Enjoy & comment who you think is best dressed! 

Giuliana Rancic looking beautiful as always in an Alex Perry coral gown, I do love this but HOW DOES SHE MOVE HER ARMS! She seems like she can’t move! 

Gina Rodriguez is stunning in a Zac Posen blue gown WITH POCKETS! Anything on the red carpet with pockets is a win in my book! And she’s also giving me some Princess Belle realness!

Jaimie Alexander absolutely stuns in a low cut Genny emerald green gown. She won my best dressed at the Emmy’s so no wrong can be done in my eyes!

Ross Mathews and Zuri Hall recreate the iconic Titanic scene and obviously Ross is Rose.

Sophia Bush looks perfectly elegant in a beautifully tailored Narciso Rodriguez simple black gown.

Wiz Khalifa is basically personality-less and awkward when being interviewed. But congrats on your nomination!

Uzo Aduba in what seems to be one of tonight’s trends, black absolutely looking gorgeous!

Bryce Dallas Howard is attending her first Golden Globes in a dress she picked up from Neiman Marcus a few days ago! CRAZY! I have do admit she is giving me mermaid realness!

Laverne Cox is hands down one of the best speakers that has been on the carpet tonight, so poised and perfect and uhm hello her Elizabeth Kennedy dress is CRAZY GOOD!

Brie Larson looks so perfectly polished I cant even with her dress, jewelry, hair and makeup, SO GOOD!

Jason Sudeikis is wearing double-knotted sneakers.

JLo isn’t serving her usual sexy, she’s wearing a “mustard marigold” covered up gown, which is SHOCKING!

Jamie Lee Curtis and her daughter are both rocking GREY HAIR!!

Charlie Puth & Giuliana had the longest most awkward handshake in red carpet history! Also if your wondering, he always gets ID’d when he wants a drink.

Amy Schumer is surprisingly underwhelming me! She looks beautiful but I don’t find it to be a super wow moment! BUT IT HAS POCKETS!

Melissa McCarthy is just perfect and beautiful. I don’t love what she’s wearing but her humor just wins me back over!

THE STALLONE’S CAME AS A FAMILY! All the women looked absolutely beautiful!

OMG THE TATUMS, I CANNOT GET OVER HOW ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL JENNA LOOKS! Not to mention they are one of Hollywood’s hottest couples. And of course they brought up the Lip Sync Battle, which they both killed!

Taraji P Henson always looks beautiful, cant say anything amazing or bad about her gown, but HER BAG! Someone find out what bag she has and buy it for me!

The Rock is GIGANTIC and killing it in a maroon velvet suit with matching velvet shoes! Kate Hudson came in while The Rock was being interviewed and she is wearing Michael Kors! Not to mention her dress and choker match.

I am obsessed with Katy Perry’s dress but absolutely HATE her hair! It takes me back to the Snooki bump-it days! AS IM WRITING THIS SHE ADMITTED SHE HAD A BUMP IT IN!

JENNIFER LAWRENCE TALKING ABOUT MY GIRL JOY MANGANO! Joy actually lives very close to me on Long Island so I always have to support! She looks absolutely STUNNING as per usual in a beautiful red gown!

LADY GAGA WINS ALL. I have never seen a better look from her she is looking so sophisticated and elegant and just overall PERFECT in her off the shoulder black gown.

My 2016 Golden Globes best dressed awards goes to, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Jennifer Lawrence and Lady Gaga!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos. 
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