This Week in Television

I’m thinking of making this a new weekly series on Keeping Up With Coco! I would be reviewing TV shows that I watched that week and basically give you my fully uncensored opinions! I am absolutely a TV show junkie and watch TV quite a lot, some may consider my TV watching to be quite extreme but lets just say I’m doing this for my lovely readers, (yeah lets go with that). You can also c… Keep Reading »

2016 Beauty Wish List

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Snowed In?

I’m currently sitting in snow that has been falling for officially 24 full hours, wanting to write a blog post so why not write a post about what you can do when your snowed in! 1. Netflix (more importantly binge watching Making A Murderer) 2. Family Feud marathons 3. Binge watching literally anything with 10+ episodes On Demand 4. Movies, movies and more movies 5. Baking ( heres the recipe I… Keep Reading »

Irresistible Me Review*

What they say: Hair extensions enhance your looks with longer and fuller hair. A great way to change your look. Hair extensions are a great solution for hair-thinning problems. By adding REAL hair to your own, you can have the fullness that you've been searching for. Clip in extensions are very simple and easy to wear. You can put them on or take them off yourself without costly sal… Keep Reading »

Making A Murderer

I’m never one to talk legal things on my blog or anything like this but I just couldn't help myself with this one. I’m officially finished watching the Netflix Docu-Series Making A Murderer and I have to say in completely obsessed. And I may have stayed up until 2:30 AM (DON’T TELL MY MOM!) to finish it.  I have watched about 10+ hours worth of footage and am seeing how flawed some o… Keep Reading »

Coco's 2016 Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap

WELCOME TO COCO'S 2016 RED CARPET RECAP! I watched the E! Red Carpet to give you all of the exciting highlights! Enjoy & comment who you think is best dressed!  Giuliana Rancic looking beautiful as always in an Alex Perry coral gown, I do love this but HOW DOES SHE MOVE HER ARMS! She seems like she can’t move! Gina Rodriguez is stunning in a Zac Posen blue gown WITH POCKETS! Anyth… Keep Reading »