Today my dad and I bit the bullet and decided to head to the mall, not only was it surprisingly quiet for the Monday before Christmas ALMOST everything went very smoothly! We had a few stores we had to get gifts at which went smooth and then we made our way to the dreaded department store MACYS! I’m sorry but for as big of a company as they are and for as many holiday seasons they have been selling for they should have a little bit of an idea of what’s happening! But that’s not the point of this post, here are some tips to get you through those last minute mall runs just a few days before Christmas.

1.  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes!

2.  Dress lightly! All the stores have the heat on (especially in NY!) and the stores are sweltering hot so wear as little clothing as possible!

3.  Have a plan, know where you’re parking your car, know what stores you plan to hit and have a plan of action!

4.  Be prepared to wait on long lines, deal with snotty customer service people and handle big crowds.

These all may seem very obvious to some people but not so obvious to others so I have to point them out! Some other things are...

5.  Carry as little as you can, your big Michael Kors purse isn't necessary, grab a wristlet or wallet that’s easy to carry and just go!

6.  Go at strange hours, the early morning is the best for no crowds; late nights are the best for moderate crowds and if your planning to go during school hours when all the other parents are out likes you, SHOP AMAZON PRIME.

7.  Call ahead and find out store hours, the Macys by me is open till 2 AM some nights this week so plan accordingly.

8.  Put on a smile, make an effort to be nice to employees because trust me there only doing this work for a paycheck and they hate dealing with rude customers. So be nice even when the situation is awful.

9.  Keep track of everything you've done and or plan to do, check off what stores you've hit and where you need to go.

10.  And last but not least, know the mall your shopping in, if your unfamiliar look at a map. I directed my dad our entire shopping trip today due to the 4 wings filled with tons of stores.

I hope some of these tips will be new for you or shed some light on some of your last minute holiday shopping! And of course Amazon Prime is always an option if you just can’t stand the mall. One thing I highly do not recommend you do is in store pick up. This is where you order online, pay and get an email telling you when your item is ready for pickup. This happened to me tonight and it was a nightmare and a half. 
So make life easy, go in knowing exactly what you want and shop in store if possible. Good luck to everyone on these last few crazy shopping days, keep your bags, phone and money on you AT ALL TIMES. Constantly check for these items as well! You don't want to be the lady whose phone gets stolen at Macys and ends up in Mexico (mom I'm talking to you)! 

Good luck and STAY SAFE!