DIY Gift Guide FAIL! || Coco's 12 Days of Christmas

So I picked out two DIY projects from Pinterest that I was SO excited to try and hopefully blog about but both basically failed. So what I am going to do is give you some tips on how to make these DIY's actually work!! 

So first DIY fail was marble dipped mugs, here is the link I used to try and make lovely marbled mugs which ended up failing but here we go. So I'm going to tell you what I would change and do differently so maybe it could end up being a Pinterest WIN for you!
First, white mugs are oddly hard to find at a dollar store but try and find them! I ended up finding white mugs with a gold rim at the top, which ended up working fine. But I can guarantee that’s going to be the hardest thing to find, now onto the disposable pan, I would pick up one for every mug to make things much simpler and neater and make sure they are decently deep inside! This way you can fill the pan up with as much water as your heart desires! Then for the nail polish, I found that I needed one bottle per mug so keep that in mind. The rest of the supplies are self-explanatory and either things you have at your house or things that can be found at the dollar store.
Now onto the project! You need to fill up your disposable pan pretty dang high to get a nice long marbled effect. I filled mine up with four full glasses of water and my cups ended up getting just a little of the bottom coated. Another mistake I made is adding too much polish, so when you fill up your pan with your warm water less nail polish is the way to go! You also must be doing this by a skink and have plenty of towels. You also must work very fast when adding the polish to the water, swirling it into a marbled design and dipping your mug. This all needs to be done as quickly as possible. So have everything handy! Another thing is a small quick dip for your mug into the water is the way to go! You don't need to keep it in longer then a second or two like I mistakenly did. After that I left them upside down on a paper towel to dry (possibly one of the only things I did right). They may drip down a little but that’s what the nail polish remover is for! For this you should buy a few tester mugs if that’s in your budget to kind of play around and figure out how you like everything.

Now for my epically failed bath bombs! Find the actually recipe/tutorial here! For this one I did everything correct the only thing I did was change out citric acid for cream of tartar (cream of tartar is much more easy to find at a grocery store!) which if you do this whatever the recipe with citric acid calls for you MUST HALF IT! That’s very important! For these I stupidly couldn't find nice ice cube trays at the dollar store so I settled for cookie cutters, DUMB IDEA. Not that it really would have made a difference. I found cute heart ice cube trays at home and used my extra mixture for those. It says you make 3 with the ingredients but I ended up with like 15 small ones. I don't know if I packed them into the molds wrong or what. But anyway, this recipe worked perfectly but my molds have yet to officially set. They haven't hardened or molded together and it’s been four days. So I would make things very simple, and put the plain mixture in maybe a mason jar with a little spoon attached and write a cute little message like "add a sprinkle or two into your bath for a lovely wintery relaxing bath time!” I can guarantee that’s what in going to end up doing! Dumping my molds back into a bowl and filling mini mason jars with the mixture. Just because it’s not in bath bomb shapes it still works right?

So I had to of course share a few pictures with you to take you on my messy Pinterest failed journey! So enjoy and don’t forget my giveaway ends in 2 days! Enter by commenting your favorite Christmas song HERE! And feel free to comment here and tell me your worst Pinterest fail! Maybe ill feel better about myself!