2016 Blogging Goals || Coco's 12 Days of Christmas

I really have to first give credit to bloggers and vloggers who post every single day. I’ve been only posting for a few days straight and it’s really difficult to make time to write a decent post every single day! But anyway after realizing how hard posting everyday is I wanted to make a positive post about some of my blog goals for 2016! So here we go!

Firstly I want to post good quality posts at least once a week, more would be better but quality over quantity is going to be my blogging motto for 2016.

Number two! Better photography! I know lately my photos have much better then they were in the beginning but photography can always improve in my opinion!

Three! I’m hoping to get a new template very soon so working on my layout is another big goal of mine!

And last but not least get more readers and make you guys happy! I have to admit when someone comments on my blog it makes my entire day. It’s the little blogging things that make me happy so I hope I can make you guys as happy as you make me!

So todays post was a happy one and I hope you enjoyed and you will be seeing a lot more from me in 2016, these were just the tip of the iceberg! See you tomorrow & don't forget about my giveaway happening HERE!