Christmas Eve Tradition || Coco's 12 Days of Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE BEAUTIES! I cannot believe tomorrow is Christmas, I have accomplished 12 days of blogging in a row and in just a few days 2015 will completely be OVER! It’s absolutely insane! But I thought I would do another story time of how I spend my Christmas Eve!  So basically I spend all day getting ready (yes I do glam hair and makeup to go sit at my Nanas house) and head over… Keep Reading »

FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO || Coco's 12 Days of Christmas

AHHHH IM SO EXCITED! TODAY I CREATED MY VERY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO FOR YOU GUYS! So instead of a blog post today here is a youtube video! I was planning to do a written Christmas makeup glam look with pictures but I decided to film instead! For my Christmas glam look I used… Benefit The Porefessional primer Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette (Buzz on my lid, Liar and Factory mixed on my crease, up… Keep Reading »


Today my dad and I bit the bullet and decided to head to the mall, not only was it surprisingly quiet for the Monday before Christmas ALMOST everything went very smoothly! We had a few stores we had to get gifts at which went smooth and then we made our way to the dreaded department store MACYS! I’m sorry but for as big of a company as they are and for as many holiday seasons they have … Keep Reading »

DIY Gift Guide FAIL! || Coco's 12 Days of Christmas

So I picked out two DIY projects from Pinterest that I was SO excited to try and hopefully blog about but both basically failed. So what I am going to do is give you some tips on how to make these DIY's actually work!!  So first DIY fail was marble dipped mugs, here is the link I used to try and make lovely marbled mugs which ended up failing but here we go. So I'm going to tell … Keep Reading »

Born Pretty Store || Coco's 12 Days of Christmas*

What they say: The website has gained thousands upon thousands of registered customers from all over the world, leading up to millions of sales per month. We offer world wide free shipping and have already shipped to more than 150 countries including United Sates, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Si… Keep Reading »