How Does Coco Coupon

Over the past year or so I can say with confidence that I am a hardcore couponer. 90% of my coupons go towards makeup and the other 10% go to random everyday needs! But I'm a beauty blogger so that ratio is kind of obvious but I had to just put it out there. My main two stores are Target for the great prices and CVS for the amazing reward/get back program they have. 
Target for sure has some of the best prices you'll ever see on products and its TARGET! I feel like Target is what heaven looks like and I'm just simply obsessed. And for CVS they have amazing deals every single week and if you do a deal where you get back an "ECB" which is money back you get it instantly on the bottom of your receipt. CVS also has a hidden gem about it and its CLEARANCE! The best way to find out about CVS clearance is through couponing blogs and searching #CVSClearance on Instagram. 
Now personally my house gets two newspapers, which means two sets of coupons for me! I go through the coupons every Sunday and clip the coupons only for products I use, not every coupon like most couponers. I have an accordion folder that I got coincidentally at the Target dollar spot and separate my coupons into "beauty" "bathroom" "kitchen" & "CVS" (the CVS section is for store only coupons). This makes it easy for me to find my coupons when I need them. As for deal finding my go to couponing blog is ill go to her site, go to the CVS section and look at the deals of the week. Ill usually do that on my phone and copy and paste the deals I want into my notes section and use that in CVS when I'm ready to shop. I have found this to be the easiest and fastest way to get the deals I want. On her site she will even tell you what date the coupon came in the paper.
I find it easiest to go into the store with a plan, so ill have my coupons that ill be using that day in a separate section of my accordion folder and my phone with my notes out and pick up the items I need. Then it’s so easy once I’m ready to pay, I put up all my items and have my coupons all together so I don’t take a long time.
And that my friends is how Coco coupons!
Most hardcore couponers probably do the complete opposite of what I do but I keep it very simple and think my way is perfect if you want to keep everything as simple as possible or are just starting out.
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Hope you all got some insight on how I coupon and hope you enjoyed a slightly different post from me and let me know if you want some more like this! I'm always looking for post suggestions! 
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