September 30, 2015

Coco Takes London & Paris

I always have loved to travel and experience new places but when you go out of the country it takes travel to a whole other level. I’m going to be just giving you the main events done in both London and Paris rather then going into detail about every single thing we did.
The day we landed was an entire travel day, we woke up at 4AM EST and landed at 8 PM GMT had a bite to eat and went to bed. Because our next morning was going to be jammed packed with touristy things.

Day 1: We had planned did the “Total London Tour” which was a complete tour of London in one day. They took you to all the main tourist sights including Buckingham Palace, The London Eye and tons more. On the tour you stop to eat lunch so of course we went to Pizza Express and omg it was the best food in London. And then for dinner that night we finally got to experience Nandos! Our hopes were set so high but it was a let down for us. There was nothing too special about Nandos, sorry guys.

Day 2: Tour of Buckingham Palace and The Royal Mews, which you need your walking shoes on for this one. I’m not really into history so I didn’t find it necessary but it was for sure something you would only get to do once in your lifetime so why not? Later on for dinner we went to the “Faulty Towers Dining Experience” which was hilarious! If you have ever watched the show you would really be able to get into it but even if you didn’t and went in like me, not knowing anything it was all still very funny!

Day 3: We did the “50 Minute Thrill Speed Tour” which was a view of everything up and down the river in a James Bond speedboat!  After that we were on to my personal favorite part of the trip, which was “High Tea at Fortnum & Mason”. If you really want to take advantage of everything the tea has to offer you need to book a whole day there. I cannot even tell you how beautiful and perfect everything was and my sister’s favorite part about the tea was that “everything’s replenish-able”. We also went to “Harrods” for a little bit of shopping and then “Jamie’s Italian” for dinner!

Day 4: Travel day again but this time it was on a train from London to Paris. That night we had the “Eiffel Tour Evening Tour 7 Cruise” booked which was a sunset river tour and then passes up the Eiffel Tower, which was absolutely breathtaking, and for a very late dinner, CREPES!

Day 5: This day started out on a very high, my mom and sister ordered “large” sodas and they bring them a soda jug bigger then there head but when we got the bill the soda was $20 so my dads wallet wasn’t too thrilled about that. We then just walked around the Champs Elysee, had dinner and then got amazing frozen yogurt for dessert.

Day 6: Was our cooking class! We did a croissant class at “La Cuisine Paris”. Not only was the cooking class amazing it was delicious. And if your American wanting to take a French cooking class in Paris you need to visit Jane at La Cuisine Paris!

Day 7: my reason for going on this vacation, it was our “Travel Like A Local Paris Photo Shoot”. Personally I watch a little too much Americas Next Top Model and think I can actually model when in reality I really cant. But let me tell you with these photos my sister and I look like professional models taking pictures all over Paris. I took a little stumble down the stairs of the Paris Metro but that didn’t stop me from smizing my way through the rest of the shoot. After that we went to the Moulin Rouge which was an experience, let me tell you. It seemed very cheesy to me and did I forget to mention it’s a topless show!

Day 8: To end our trip we did an “L’open Tour” which was an open top bus tour, which I would only ever use again for transportation because whatever they were saying in the headphones put my whole family and I right to sleep. When we were switching busses we went to Fauchon, which is an amazing little café in Paris and if you see one you have to go in and try some goodies!

To break things down a little more ill give my top 5 from both London and Paris!
1. High Tea at Fortnum and Mason
2. Faulty Towers Dining Experience
3. The London Eye
4. Superdrug & Boots
5. Pizza Express / Jamie’s Italian
1. Travel Like A Local Paris Photo Shoot
2. La Cuisine Paris
3. Top of the Eiffel Tower
4. Strawberry & Nutella Crepes
5. Fauchon Café/Bakery

 Thank you for reading all about my trip to London & Paris last month and if you ever get the chance to go you absolutely must! Also have you ever done anything listed above or something that’s not that you loved? Comment down below!

September 23, 2015

Coco takes NYFW Take 2!

Again I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who made "Coco takes NYFW" possible. It was an absolutely amazing experience and if you ever get the opportunity to attend NYFW you MUST go!
Anyway on to day two!

We only attended one event this day but it was absolutely amazing! I got to attend my very first fashion show and it was GREG LAUREN's! Before the show there was a lot of waiting around outside since we were so early but we got a surprise! XulyBet came and did a huge double dutch performance! And Kelly Cutrone was there!! After tons of pictures, videos and cheering it was time for the show! We got inside Moynihan Station, got our tickets and were on our way to the Greg Lauren show! We sit down and immediately I see Elizabeth Berkley and Nicole Scherzinger talking! By the time we can actually get out of our seats we get a picture with the absolutely stunning Elizabeth Berkley and then a few minutes later, the show starts! His Spring/Summer 2016 women's clothing line is pure perfection. Every piece was beautiful and the attention to detail was unreal! After the show is over we get pictures with Nicole Scherzinger, Dylan Lauren (Dylan's Candy Bar creator!), Malin Akerman and  Gregg Sulkin. I cannot even begin to tell you how sweet Nicole was to me! She was getting her picture taken by tons of people and stopped to get a picture with me! Not only that but the people taking pictures of her said "that’s adorable" and took pictures of us together! They all couldn’t send the pictures to me so I just have the ones I took which for me is more then enough! But if you ever see little me and Nicole together at the Greg Lauren show email me(; !

 Phew! Writing that just put a smile on my face! But anyway! That was my Fashion Week day 2 experience. I am absolutely praying ill get invited to some other shows and events next year because it was one of the best experiences I've ever had as a blogger and something I will remember for the rest of my life! Thank you for coming with me on this journey and ill see you next week with another post!

September 21, 2015

Coco takes NYFW

I cannot even begin to tell you all how honored I was to actually attend New York Fashion Week! Not only did I go once I went twice but here is a look at Coco takes NYFW day one! Also big shoutout to my friend who was able to join me for this amazing day!

On our way to our destination we made a little pit stop at the BCBG Fashion Show and saw Christina Milian and Madison Beer walking inside! I only realized after the fact that it was Madison Beer so I don't have a picture of her but I do have one of Christina!

We find where we need to be and hop on the Nextpert StylexTech mobile lounge where our host was Anthony Ryan Auld from Project Runway season 9 & Project Runway All Stars season 2! It was a quick ride but very informative on the Brothers sewing equipment! 

After some Uber troubles we reach our next destination of HotelChandler for Pucker makeovers!! Not only did the Pucker artists do a beautiful job on our makeup we met Gina Naomi Baez and Tinkerbelle The Dog from Youtube!

Now were on to the main event of the day, which was the Nextpert StylexTech party! Before entering we had a lovely conversation with Anthony Ryan Auld and Joshua Mckinley who was on the same seasons of Project Runway as Anthony Ryan! We talked for about 15 minutes or so before entering the event and let me tell you they are the absolute sweetest!
But now to the fun part! We walk in and the room was absolutely beautiful and was filled with companies, products and tons more! Brothers Sewing and LG were the first two that I saw and next was FlyGrips, Caj Beauty and Younique! Over the microphone they said go over to Caj Beauty & Younique for makeovers so I went running! First I got my hair done by David Evangelista with the Caj Beauty dryer brush and talked to Andi Black from Secrets & Wives who actually created the Caj Beauty dryer brush along with David. Then I went over to Younique and finally got to use the 3D Fiber Mascara that I've been DYING to try forever! After getting all pretty I made my way over to see what FlyGrips was all about! I am not even sure how to fully describe it but all I know is you need one in your life!
After an absolutely amazing day we made our way back home to Long Island in the pouring rain but it didn't matter, we still had a great day!

And that was day one of "Coco takes NYFW"! Stay tuned for "Coco takes NYFW Take 2!" on Wednesday! But if you want a sneak peak at what I did take a look at my Instagram!

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