Coco Takes London & Paris

I always have loved to travel and experience new places but when you go out of the country it takes travel to a whole other level. I’m going to be just giving you the main events done in both London and Paris rather then going into detail about every single thing we did. The day we landed was an entire travel day, we woke up at 4AM EST and landed at 8 PM GMT had a bite to eat and went to… Keep Reading »

Coco takes NYFW Take 2!

Again I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who made "Coco takes NYFW" possible. It was an absolutely amazing experience and if you ever get the opportunity to attend NYFW you MUST go! Anyway on to day two! 10/17/15 7:00 We only attended one event this day but it was absolutely amazing! I got to attend my very first fashion show and it was GREG LAUREN's ! Before the show t… Keep Reading »

Coco takes NYFW

I cannot even begin to tell you all how honored I was to actually attend New York Fashion Week! Not only did I go once I went twice but here is a look at Coco takes NYFW day one! Also big shoutout to my friend who was able to join me for this amazing day! 09/10/15  10:00 On our way to our destination we made a little pit stop at the BCBG Fashion Show and saw Christina Milian and Madison Be… Keep Reading »