May 28, 2015

How I Edit My Instagram Photo’s

Some of you may be wondering how I edit my Instagram photos and some of you may not but I’m going to tell you anyway! (; 
Firstly I try to edit all my Instagram pictures the same way to keep a nice and neat theme going. I like to go for the white edges along with a toned down, light colored photo. You can see here that some of the photos are brighter and some have a duller coloring, but I’m still trying to figure out which works best for my Instagram. I personally prefer the lighter coloring but for some photos to make them pop you need to bring them to life with brighter colors.

Welcome to my photo editing app folder! The apps I have are Squaready, FrameMagic, VSCOcam, Facetune and Collider. For @KUWCoco I tend to stick to using only Squaready and Collider. 
PS I don’t use this for Instagram as much as I do for my blog photos but Facetune is great! When I try to have a white background on blog photos but shadows get in the way I go to Facetune and whiten up the background!

Next ill go into Collider with the photo I choose and go straight to the Adjustments button. For most of my photos ill go up with the brightness and down with saturation and contrast and then save. For this particular picture I didn’t like how light my nail color looked so I went back and went up with the saturation.
I play with these until I like how the photo looks but for most cases its brightness up and saturation and contrast down.

Next up is Squaready! Ill take my edited photo into the app and press the second square on the bottom and save! I try to keep all my photos like this since I love the way it looks and it keeps my Instagram neat.

Lastly I check my photo, make sure I love it and upload it to Instagram!

I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial/how to of how I edit my Instagram photos. If you’re not already, be sure to follow me on Instagram
 (sometimes I post sneak peaks of future posts and projects I’m working on!)

Question of the day:
What’s your favorite app for editing Instagram/blog photos?
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