Saturday Special #TeamBruce

First of all I want to say how strong he is for doing this. I could never imagine doing an interview with someone’s who’s basically a stranger about a touchy subject. I can say that I'm proud to be supporting and following his story.
Yes, I’m referring to Bruce as a "he/him" in this post because he doesn't have a female name yet and I honestly don't know how to do this correctly.
Transgender is something that has become very widely accepted and publicized lately and I'm happy to live in a society that accepts all people. I don't think ill ever be able to say that I completely understand being a transgender but I fully accept it.

Back to Bruce Jenner, I honestly feel bad that he has had to keep this a secret for such a long time, no one deserves to live a life they are not comfortable with. Not only do I feel for him, I feel for his family and friends who are going through this with him. I admire him for doing an interview and make this whole matter completely public. I can honestly say that I'm more then excited to watch to watch his transformation and I'm also interested to see how he will go about being publicly transgender.
I fully support Bruce in his transition and I cant wait to continue on the journey with him.

My advice; if you or someone you know is transgender, support them. Love them for who they are and be a constant support system for them whether they are young or old.

SIDE NOTE: I'm EXTREMELY curious as to whether he will change his name to start with a "K" or a "B" or something completely different.