Mirabilia Organic Olive Leaf Tea Review*

What they say: Olive leaf tea is mellow and soft with a multitude of health benefits. It packs the antioxidant punch of a heavyweight. The most beneficial tea is made from organic green olive leaves, quickly dried to maintain their health enhancing properties.

Thoughts: I can happily say I have found my new staple tea! Not only is this tea healthy its delicious, it has such a light yet yummy flavor to it, which is unlike any tea I’ve ever had before. If your someone who wants something warm and delicious to drink but don’t want any caffeine you need to buy yourself a package of this tea.
I love a little bit of sweetness to my tea but with the Organic Olive Leaf Tea I felt like I didn’t need to add anything extra.
P.S. tomorrow ill be trying an iced version since I love it so much!

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