March 12, 2015

Current Skincare Routine

Skincare is one of those things I'm constantly keeping up with. Ill go days without makeup or doing my hair but ill always be applying something to my skin. Currently a few of the products I'm using are not available for everyone. The facial cleanser I use I buy at a local spa and the acne treatment has been prescribed for me. But I'm here to give you options that are available for almost everyone at either a local drugstore or Ulta/Sephora!
Like I said my facial cleanser is called "Alpha Cleanser" it’s an orange cleanser but stick with a cleanser you know and love! To cleanse my face I use my Clarisonic Mia which I got for Christmas and let me tell you that thing works wonders. The first few weeks were rough as my skin was purging all the dirt and oils but after you get through that you really do see improvement. After washing my face I then use my prescribed acne treatment called Aczone and when I’m feeling super dry I use my CeraVe moisturizer. On days where I’m running errands or rushing out the door I use my Organic Skincare Doctor organic aloe vera wet wipes. Also when I feel a pimple coming on I use my Mario Badescu drying lotion and for masks I like to switch it up using any of the Freeman masks!

And there you have it! This is my skincare routine! What’s your number one spot treatment for acne? Let me know below!
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