Age Appropriate Fashion

I was watching New York Live and they were saying that women are fed up with being told what’s age appropriate and what you should wear at a specific age.
This isn't a how to or anything it’s more of an opinion post, so enjoy!

I think no matter what age you are you should wear something you feel confident in. Whether its short shorts at age 60 or a one-piece bathing suit at age 20. The world is known to judge anything you do but you absolutely cannot let people control your fashion. Fashion is one of those things that you can express yourself with, and don't let anyone take that away from you. Be body confident at all ages and show off what your mamma gave ya! Don't hide behind layers of clothing and overwhelming accessories! Be you, be fashionable and do what you want!

This topic really struck a nerve with me and I was like I must write a post about this! I’m all for women empowerment and I think everyone should love themselves for who they are and don't let opinions and other people change that! You rock that bikini and short shorts and make the world your runway!