A week in my TV life

Raise your hand if you’re addicted to watching television!
I am so bad when it comes to watching TV shows because I basically watch EVERYTHING! I watch anything from crime to reality TV. So I'm going to give you the inside scoop on what Coco watches on a weekly basis (honestly this is only the half of it, I'm ashamed.)


The Bachelor: which is a dating show with crazy girls trying to find love. Every week the bachelor picks girls to go on super unrealistic dates with and at the end if all goes according to plan he proposes to the one girl he has fallen in love with.
Eye Candy: this is a very new show, only a few episodes in and I'm completely hooked. It’s about a girl with a stalker who is putting her loved ones in danger. That summary sucks but if you’re into creepy/ stalkerish shows you need to watch this one!
Vanderpump Rules: this is actually a Real Housewives spin off featuring Lisa Vanderpump and her restaurant/ lounge employees and all the drama and hook ups that go along with it.


Pretty Little Liars: this show is my must watch every single Tuesday night. I wish I could summarize this show for you but its physically impossible and all fans of the show will understand!
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: this is just like any other Real Housewives just with women who have had lots of Botox!


Stalker: this is a show about stalking (who would have thought). This is a crime show and none of it is real life but it’s pretty intense.
Little Women of LA: MY GUILTY PLEASURE. I actually love this show seeing how "little people" do things. Being 4 feet 6 inches I actually take notes on fashion and seeing how they reach things. The drama is of course a plus considering I'm a reality TV junkie.

Thursday's can be described in two words.
SHONDA RHIMES. Grey's Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder make up my Thursdays.


Shark Tank: this is a show of billionaires who invest in different companies who go into "the shark tank". I sit at the TV every week and day to myself why the heck didn't I think of that?

Saturday & Sunday

My weekends consist of catching up on the TV shows I have taped and YouTube videos. My taped shows consist of shows I didn't watch on the night they were on and lots of Dr. Phil. The Youtubers I watch on a regular basis are The Shaytard's, SacconeJoly's and ItsJudysLife, if you haven't heard of any of these you need to look them up IMMEDIATELY. All are families who daily vlog and document there everyday lives, they all have young kids and every one of the kids is absolutely adorable.

I can say with full honesty and a little bit of shame that these shows are what’s currently on TV but I do watch shows that are off season right now like Survivor, The Amazing Race, Big Brother, The Following, Bates Motel, Keeping up With the Kardashians and Project Runway.

So there you have it! Now you know more about me and the shows I watch regularly! What’s your guilty pleasure TV show you have fully committed yourself to?