Sweet Cecily’s Lip Balm Review*

Cecily says that each product has been born from a suggestion, whether it is to include a certain ingredient, have a particular smell, or help a specific complaint. I saw that Sweet Cecily’s was offering bloggers a chance to review a few lip balms and I jumped at the opportunity. A few days later I received one of the cutest packages in the mail! It had a cute little booklet, note, ribbon and three adorable lip balms. I got a mojito, piña colada and a brand new flavor espresso martini.

The packaging is a very simple and the tin is so small and easy to put literally anywhere! The piña colada balm itself is a very pretty light yellow color and it has a light piña colada smell to it, nothing overpowering at all. The mojito flavor is an extremely pale leaf green and the smell I would consider light spearmint. The espresso martini that is my personal favorite is a light hot chocolate color with a smell of light coffee. The texture of all of them is all very similar they are somewhat gritty, which almost seems slightly exfoliating.

Each balm retails for £2.95 each and you do really get a lot of product for the price.

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