Big Slice Apples Review*

About: Big Slice Apples were first cooked in Grandma Hoerner's farm kitchen, made from apples straight from the orchard in the late 1800's. Her grandson Duane, inherited his grandmothers recipe. Recalling the wonderful flavor from his youth, he worked hard to replicate her recipe, finding the perfect blend of firm apples and sweet fruit-juice sweetened sauce. From that first all natural recipe, more flavors have been developed, sixteen in all. 

I received eight different flavors to try and review so here's what i think:
Cinnamon French Toast: this was DELICIOUS! It smelt just like french toast and tasted like brown sugary goodness. 
Banana Mango & Hemp Seed: It tasted amazing but it had the extra hemp seeds which aren't a favorite of mine. They were just a lot to have in one bite! 
Blueberry Pomegranate: I didn't feel like it tasted like blueberry or pomegranate but it was very good! 
Pineapple Passion Fruit & Fiber: I LOVED THIS ONE! I think there were bits of other fruit which made it that much better! 
Natural: This tasted exactly like apple sauce! 
Raspberry Hibiscus & Green Coffee Extract: Definitely an odd mixture of flavors so it wasn't my favorite.   
Boysenberry Chocolate: Again, very odd flavors and again not a favorite. 
Cherry Vanilla: I didn't love the smell so much only because it smelt like medicine but they were okay! 
Rating: They are so healthy for you and actually taste good which is why Big Slice Apples are a 10/10 for me! 

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