Noyah prides themselves on being a completely natural beauty product. All Noyah products are made in New York! I was lucky enough to try out the Wink Lipstick and the Summertime Peach Lip Gloss .  When I think about natural products I also think that they are a little more expensive than comparable items. These Noyah lip products are completely natural and actually less expensive then p… Keep Reading »


Let's talk about the only drink you will find me sipping on all summer! Sanavi ! Sanavi is a unique blend of minerals and electrolytes that gives this all natural spring water a unique taste. I was lucky enough to get a multi-pack so I could try out four different flavors. The four flavors that come in the multi-pack are lemon, lime, strawberry, and coconut. All of these flavors alon… Keep Reading »

The Better Skin Co*

I absolutely had to share my secret skincare product that has helped keep my skin in check. If you are longtime readers you know that I have very problematic skin and that's a big reason why I rarely post photos of myself on here and Instagram.   Have you heard about The Better Skin Co. ?  They have an incredible line of products which I have been lucky enough to try out but they ha… Keep Reading »

Dr. Brite*

Dr. Brite recently had a makeover and I am lucky enough to try out these new products with gorgeous packaging! I got to try out the Coco Chai Natural Coconut Whitening Toothpaste , Brite & Fresh Oral Care Spray , Stay Brite Natural Teeth Whitening Pen and Get Brite Brillant Teeth Whitening Pen ! I have to say the Coco Chai toothpaste blew me out of the water, not just because of the n… Keep Reading »

Icelandic Glacial Water*

I was lucky enough to be sent a few bottles of Icelandic Glacial water and really wanted to share all of the benefits with you. For the longest time, I thought all bottled water was made equally, and that actually could not be farther from the truth after you do some research. "Icelandic Glacial natural spring water is the result of a perfect combination of environmental character… Keep Reading »

New Wave Enviro*

At Expo West I met with the team at New Wave Enviro after we spoke on Twitter. I took a look around their booth and saw that they made an alkaline plus filter pitcher system . On the back of the filter pitchers box is the picture below.  Immediately when I saw the map I was shocked to see all the red exactly where I live in New York. I asked one of the New Wave Enviro team members if th… Keep Reading »

Mellisa B Naturally*

I hope that you all read my Mellisa B Naturally review from last year but just in case you haven't, check it out here ! In my previous post, you can find all of the background on the company and find my review of her moisturize and more as well as my review of her tri potency peptide serum. Mellisa personally gifted me two new products to try out! These two products were the microde… Keep Reading »

Green Chef*

Let's talk about the best subscription box ever! Meet Green Chef ! Green Chef has an extensive menu where you get to chose if you would like a two or four person plan and you can decide if you would like the omnivore, carnivore, gluten-free, vegan, paleo, vegetarian or keto. My family and I decided that the carnivore meal kit would suit us best but of course, you can choose what wor… Keep Reading »

The Pickle Juice Company*

Say goodbye to muscle cramps! "Pickle Juice is a specifically formulated beverage created for a dual purpose: addressing muscle cramps through the use of a proprietary grain of vinegar that acts as an effective neural inhibitor, and serving as a tool to aid hydration by containing 10x more electrolytes compared to most common sports drinks." I am sure all of you are thinking … Keep Reading »